Just when you take a glance at Lenovo Ideapad 3, you would roughly idealize it to be a nice-looking professional laptop. No doubt, the look of the laptop is neat, sleek, and clean along with providing a vibe to perform up-to-mark. However, the version that we are going to review today consist of low-to-mid tier specs, which still makes it a worthwhile choice for everyday users.

Laptops like Lenovo Ideapad are made to be user-friendly, plus provide the best comfort and next-level portability. This one indeed complies similarly with the users and features a mid-level Intel processor, following a sufficient RAM capacity with the SSD storage. It is also safe to say that the laptop does remarkably well for its battery lasting time, ports, and some system features like Q-control. For a detailed review, you would have to swipe down further.

Key Specs 

Processor: Intel Pentium  

Display: 14 in, 1920 x 1080 

RAM: 4 GB 

Storage: 128 GB SSD 

Graphics: Intel UHD GPU 

Operating System: Windows 10 S 




Integrated with the 14-inch display and full HD Resolution, the Lenovo Ideapad 3 is a great contender for watching your favourite TV show or movie. Keeping in mind the budget it offers; you can expect to be well-satisfied with the display quality it offers. The screen is designed with the thin bezels and widen up the audience view with bigger screen-to-ratio as well. These narrow bezels are ideal to have in any of the laptop to enjoy you viewing experience even more. You can also enjoy light gaming on the laptop, considering the quality of the display. Clearly, it isn’t a very top-notch display, but you can surf graphics-friendly content on the laptop without expecting speed lagging.

The anti-glare screen comes with the brightness of around 250 nits, making it quite nice to use during the daytime. However, the TN panel of the screen might not be what you expect because you might end up getting too dark or bright visuals in changed lightings. You can go for IPS panel instead of TN to experience better views and glitch-free screen.

Design and Keyboard

The design of the Lenovo Ideapad 3 is impressionable just like we mentioned earlier in the article. It sports a nice, clean, and sleek look while the lightweight exterior makes it supremely portable. You can almost carry it around anywhere without having to worry about the pressure or baggage. The silver and greyish body of the laptop plays a significant part in making the laptop look decent. The display can also be tilted to 180-degree angle, making it easy to lay flat on the desk or the ground. So, whenever you are working or even laying around, you can adjust the laptop according to your position.

The best part of the laptop is its Numeric keyboard, which include detailed keypad and a decent key travel distance. Lenovo has made it incredibly easy to type through these keys with soft spongy effect yet solid feel. Moreover, you can enjoy all the numbers along with the typical alphabet and function keys that you get in the laptop. The dedicated Numpad included in the full-sized keyboard makes the laptop quite impressive to use daily.

There is also a Precision Touchpad included by the brand in its laptop with the smooth surface. Thankfully, we get a responsive gesture control from the touchpad where you can easily swipe the cursor from one end to the other. Lenovo has also added multi-gesture finger control with the laptop, making it ideal to use when multitasking.

Hardware – Performance and Speed

Lenovo Ideapad 3 with its Intel Pentium version is suitable for users who need the laptop for basic to everyday use. With the Pentium processor, you can enjoy the turbo speed of 2.4 GHz that allows general surfing and tasking to an extent. For instance, you can quite easily navigate from one Chrome browser, meanwhile check emails, and also run apps like Netflix. The laptop does not show any lag at all when surfing through various tabs and one or two programs simultaneously.

The storage factor kept in the laptop is pretty good with the solid-state drive included. You get a 128GB storage amount, compiled with the 4GB RAM. This makes it normal to multitask when you quickly want to move around apps or programs. We can’t really call this one a multitasking powerhouse, however, it sure is a lighter version of it.

Lastly, with the Ultra HD graphics included in the laptop, you can run basic graphical files, programs, or videos without speed issues. But it is unlikely to run modern-tier or heavy games like Fortnite or PUBG. You would definitely need a greater processing power to run most intensive digital errands or going through complex graphics.

Battery, Ports and Security Features

The battery life of the laptop is simply commendable with 6 to 8 hours of backup, following its power of 42Wh. The good news is the rapid charge technology feature included in the laptop which allows it charge up to 80% in around an hour. Even when we used the laptop during the daytime, it was still able to maintain its battery till half of the day.

Pleasantly enough, the ports selection of the Ideapad is quite satisfactory, however, you won’t find any USB C port included. This still makes the laptop decent enough for standard connectivity, featuring USB A, B, and security ports. You get Kensington lock slot along with the micro-SD card, stereo speakers and handsfree port.

The Ideapad 3 contains security features like fingerprint sensor and HD webcam privacy shutter. You can be rest assured about the fact that your system might get affected with the hackers or unknown people. The fingerprint additionally enables easy yet secure login, so you can quickly sign in to the account without disturbance.


In a summary, the Lenovo laptop Ideapad 3 does its job nicely without any sheer disappointment. You get a good value in terms of its cost, but it doesn’t work the best for heavy operations such as graphic designing. While the laptop is nice for its battery and security features, the subpar display performs fine for most viewers. To get a better performance however, we recommend you getting higher processor variant in the range of Lenovo Ideapad. Overall, it is a much handy laptop with middling specs and interesting features.