The latest edition of worldwide popular console game is about to come out. The release date of FIFA 23 is fast approaching, and we will talk about all the things that you need to know including features and the intended release data of the game. It is pertinent to mention here that FIFA 23 will be the last collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA as both the top game development studios are announced to part their ways. Hence, we can safely say that the last Edition of FIFA 23 will not be a simple update and it will be loaded with various avant-garde features and other game tweaks. FIFA 23 will be having 2 world cups, 2 female leagues and a ton of other interesting gameplays. Carry on reading this guide to have a holistic overview of FIFA 23.

What is the FIFA 23 release date?

Keeping first things on the first, let us answer one of the most asking questions about FIFA 23. Since its first launch, EA has been used to launch FIFA either in September or in October. Interestingly, all the FIFA versions have launched on Fridays. FIFA 23 launch can be a little late as the Corona pandemic caused a delay in the development of game which is understandable. However, the good news is that the launch date of FIFA 23 has been announced, and it is September 30, 2022.

How’s FIFA 23 cover look like?

FIFA 23 cover art is out, and you can see the famous French football player Kylian Mbappe and Australian footballer Sam Kerr on the cover of Ultimate Edition. Sam Kerr is the first ever women to be appeared as a global cover star. On the standard version coverart, you can find Mbappe as the worldwide face of FIFA 23 excluding Australia and New Zealand as Sam Kerr will be the cover star there.

How does FIFA 23 pre-order benefits look like?

If you pre-order FIFA 23, you make yourself eligible for certain exclusive rewards. In the case of ordering Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23, you will get:

  • You will get FIFA World Cup Hero item, If you will place order before August 22
  • Three days of early access
  • Dual entitlement across Xbox One/ Xbox Series X or PS4/PS5
  • 4600 FIFA Points
  • Week 1 TOTW item
  • Mbappe 5-match loan item
  • Career mode home grown talent

And placing a pre-order of FIFA 23 – Standard Edition will get you:

  • Kylian Mbappe 5-match loan item
  • Week 1 TOTW item
  • Career mode home grown talent

How much will FIFA 23 cost me?

As you know, FIFA 23 is going to launch in two editions. These editions are different to each other in term of supported platforms and the bonuses offered. You can order Standard Edition of FIFA 23 on a price of $69.99 to get exclusive bonuses including FUT special cards, career homegrown talent and more. Moreover, Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will cost you $99.99, and you will get early access, FUT special cards, 4600 FIFA points and many more other bonuses along with it.

The Nintendo Switch users can enjoy Legacy Edition of FIFA 23. However, this edition is not offering any cool features as it is blatantly slimmed down to match the hardware capabilities of the Nintendo gaming console. The Legacy Edition will cost you around $40 and to be honest is not worth the money.

What are the supporting platforms and consoles for FIFA 23?

Realising the desire of gaming freaks, EA Sports has developed FIFA 23 to support all major platforms and gaming consoles. You can also enjoy cross play capability in FIFA 23. The FIFA 23 will be supporting Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Stadia gaming consoles. The FIFA 23 support for all the leading gaming consoles is one of the many reasons behind its hype.

What are the new features that has been inculcated in FIFA 23?

As per the latest confirmed news, the FIFA 23 is going to deliver a lot more futures than what we got in FIFA 22. EA Sports has confirmed that certain upgrades and innovative features will be offered in FIFA 23. The Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will get you some of the major changes. Let’s explore few of them:

A Changed Chemistry System

The latest version of the FIFA game will take you to an enhanced chemistry system. You are going to enjoy the best ever experience of the game with the addition of new Heroes and Icons. Moreover, a new mode for single players has been introduced in the game for the single players, named FUT Moments.

Fresh Heroes with Marvel Design

In FIFA 23, you will find several new Heroes including Y. Toure, R. Carvalho and J. Sung. The Heroes will be upgraded after the World Cup that is scheduled to be held in November. They will then become FIFA World CUP FUT Heroes. How amazing is that, isn’t it?

New Icons Integration

Distinct new icons are featured in the latest version of FIFA. You are possibly going to get your hands on Gerd Muller and Jairzinho and few others. Although, this news is yet to be confirmed by the FIFA 23 development team.

New FUT Card Design

As per the leaked information, FIFA 23 will be bringing to you a new FUT card design. The novel card design is looking quite pleasant to the eyes. However, some gamers are stating the design to be outdated.

Crossplay in FIFA 23

As we saw crossplay functionality in FIFA 22, EA Sports has announced that this feature will be continued in FIFA 23. But there exists a problem with crossplay, featuring in FIFA 23. The crossplay in FIFA 23 will not work on every platform. It will only connect next-gen consoles with next-gen consoles. For instance,the Xbox Series X and S can only be connected with PlayStation5. If you are on PlayStation 4, you can only play versus Xbox One.

Wrapping It Up

The FIFA 23 is going to end 30 years partnership between FIFA and EA Sports, as the naming rights contract between EA Sports and FIFA is going to expire in 2022. So, being the last joint venture, FIFA 23 is coming with a plenty of new features that will take your in-game experience to the next level.