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Shop the best tech for your business

Instead of waiting for the seasonal sales and yearly discount offers, you can empower your business with our tech available at surprisingly low prices under our all-year-round clearance sale. From workstations and desktops to monitors and mini PCs, our clearance sale knocks down your favourite tech to a price you are willing to pay. Whether you need widescreen monitors for your design teams or powerful desktop PCs for dev department, mini PCs for the marketing pros or all-in-one PCs for your home business, avail amazing discounts with our clearance sale.


From Lenovo and Samsung to Dell and Acer, we have all kinds of monitors from the most celebrated tech brands available at unbeatable prices in our clearance sale. While Samsung S24E650BW 24” LED Monitor is perfect for the design team, the Lenovo ThinkVision S24e Monitor is the high-performance monitor best suited for the dev department.

Mini PCs

Smaller in size and big on performance, mini PCs are best suited for cramped office spaces. Not only do they make your workspace clutter-free and organised, but they also deliver heavyweight performance for all your multimedia creation, graphic design, and number-crunching tasks. Mini PCs like Lenovo ThinkCentre M710 7th gen Intel Core Mini PC are ideal for financial and creative industries. Get mini PCs at discounted prices in our clearance sale, all year round.

Desktop PCs

Many small businesses prefer traditional towers for their cost-effectiveness and easy upgradability. The traditional desktop PCs don’t have components cramped up in the chassis like laptops and mini PCs and hence, are easier to disassemble and upgrade. You can get desktops that best suit your business at amazing prices in our clearance sale.


When you want portability and power in the same package, laptops are the best option for you. Whether your business demands convertibles, Chromebooks, SMB laptops or enterprise-grade elite business laptops, you will find everything on Five Tech and get it at the best prices in our clearance sale.

Offering an extensive range of business laptops, desktop PCs, mini PCs, tablets, mobile phones and everything in between, Five Tech prides itself in being your ultimate IT solution provider. Expect promising products, affordable prices with our business and corporate deals and smooth delivery. Empower your business now!