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Looking for the latest premium flagship mobiles? Or maybe the next bang for buck mobile caught your eye? Or perhaps a niche feature offered by a certain mobile phone? When it comes to android phones, FiveTech has got you covered. Choose from an ever-expanding range of the best mobile phones from us, which includes but not limited to Huawei, iPhone, LG, Nokia, Samsung phones and more. Simply browse through our store, to find the mobile phone best suited for your needs whether you’re into the latest mobile phones for gaming, a mobile with the best camera, a phone that has the largest screen or a device that caters to all your business needs on the go, we have everything you might need for B2B or B2E purposes. Whether you’re an Android user or an iOS lover, our store is your one-stop destination for everything mobile.
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Amidst all kinds of technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable necessity that our personal and professional lives can’t seem to function without. No matter what your profession is or what industry you belong to, life without a mobile phone seems unfathomable. From Samsung to Huawei and Apple to LG, we have mobile phones of all kinds and sizes from a number of famed manufacturers.

Things to consider while buying mobile phones

Operating system

You may choose from the two operating systems, Android and IOS for your mobile phone. While IOS offers a luxurious smartphone experience, it may have some limitations when it comes to features and functionalities. Android, on the other hand, has countless interesting features and customisation options. If you want a premium feel with a luxurious experience, you may go for Apple. For hundreds and thousands of free apps, features and customisation options, you may opt for Android phones instead.

Processing Power & Responsiveness

Processor and RAM are two things you will have to look at before deciding on a mobile phone. While smartphones with a dual-core processor and RAM up to 2GB work fine for the basic tasks including email writing, online shopping, making calls and viewing media, quad-core processors backed up with 4GB or 6GB RAM offer outstanding performance to take on more power-intensive tasks such as photo editing or gaming.


If you are a photography enthusiast or simply want the best and the most interactive mobile phone experience, the camera is also one thing you should carefully consider before buying a smartphone. Huawei mobile phones, ever since the company’s partnership with Leica, have set new standards with their impeccable photographic capabilities. Samsung mobile phones also have performance-efficient cameras that churn out impressive results. If you want a premium smartphone experience and exceptional photography in one package, you may consider Apple mobile phones.

Five Tech has an impressively huge collection of mobile phones to suit your budget and needs. From affordable and attractive smartphones to powerful and luxurious phablets, we have everything you may need for your personal or professional pursuits.