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Kit Glass Desktop Table Double Shelf Stand Designed for Monitors, TVs & Laptops

Kit Glass Desktop Table Double Shelf Stand Designed for Monitors, TVs & Laptops

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·         Made with tempered glass

·         Safe and durable

·         Creates a comfortable viewing angle

·         Creates more space around your work area

·         Includes two shelves


The Kit Glass Laptop/PC Monitor/TV Stand with Two Shelves

Recover your desk space and elevate your laptop or PC monitor with this minimalist glass stand.


The Kit Glass Laptop/PC Monitor/TV Stand with Two Shelves is incredibly useful, providing an easy and simple way for you to bring greater space to the table. You will no longer have to make difficult decisions about which devices and technology to use - instead, just use them as and when you want, without any fuss on the two different levels. Whether you use the second smaller shelf for your keyboard, stationery, or accessories such as USBs and speakers, you will be amazed at how practical the shelves are. In fact, you may start to wonder how you ever managed to live without them.

Promotes excellent posture

Experts encourage those who spend a long time in a seated position to have their monitor or laptop raised up to their eye level. With this Kit Glass Laptop/PC Monitor Stand, you will be able to maintain a healthier posture. Many people encounter problems when using their technology because they have not established a smart and practical space, leading to back strain and eye problems. Whether you are watching a film, playing a game, or working on a report, you need to ensure that your posture is correct otherwise you could incur pain and discomfort.

Keep your desk tidy

We have all become frustrated by the way that our technology seems to take over our desks. From the long cables that manage to tie themselves in knots, to the limited space that you are forced to live with because of the different screens and devices, many people feel hemmed in by their desk space. With the Kit Glass Laptop/PC Monitor/TV Stand with Two Shelves, on the other hand, you can immediately recover a large portion of your desk space by lifting your PC, monitor, or screen above the level of everything else. Furthermore, much of the desk clutter that you simply cannot work without can slide effortlessly onto the second, smaller shelf. The ample space that is recovered underneath them will enable you to keep your desk environment tidy.

Understated strength

Glass may not be seen as a strong material, but looks can be deceiving. This Kit Glass Laptop/PC Monitor/TV Stand's glass is durable tempered glass, and has the strength to comfortably support a television.

Classic design

This minimalistic glass stand does not crowd your room, but instead gently blends into the background. The classic black means that it will not clash with any of your interiors or other pieces of technology. And believe it or not, the Kit Glass Laptop/PC Monitor/TV Stand is simple to maintain: oil can be removed with non-solvent or neutral detergent, and any other dirt will be quickly removed with simple soap water.

Revolutionise your desk

The Kit Glass Desktop Table Shelf Stand allows you to work more efficiently, and is compatible with monitors, TVs, laptops, DVD/Blu-Ray players, amplifiers, and games consoles.

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