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HP Renew


The HP Renew Program offers a large portfolio of quality refurbished HP computing products which are just as new, but at significantly lower prices. HP Renew products come with the original base warranty as new products, and undergo through an extensive process of refurbishing. If you are having doubts about purchasing a refurbished or reconditioned product, you will be happy to know HP Renew guarantees the same performance and functional quality as you would expect from any new HP product. All HP computing products can come from various sources such as from channel returns, cancelled orders or discontinued products.

If you have a limited tech budget then HP Renew is the perfect alternative as they all come with the same reliability as new HP products. Most refurbished products have been returned to HP for a range of reasons and thereafter undergo through a thorough HP refurbishment and testing process, while fully restoring the functional quality of the product. Once this has been actioned, it is only then that the items qualify for full HP base warranty.

By purchasing an HP Renew product you are not only reducing your overall environmental impact (products do no end up in landfills), but also taking advantage of an affordable alternative for your business needs.

There is something known as a “tolerance level” set by manufacturers, a display is only addressed as faulty if the number of dead pixels exceeds this tolerance level. We only take back displays as “faulty” if the number of dead pixels exceeds the manufacturer’s guidelines. All HP Renew products can be easily recognised by the letter “R” added onto the HP product number. For example, if the product number is A1234A, then the HP Renew product number will be A1234AR.

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