Hewlett Packard Enterprise IMC User Behavior Auditor Software Module with 50-user E-LTU 50 license(s) Electronic Software Download (ESD)

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HP IMC User Behavior Auditor Software Module with 50-user E-LTU
The HP IMC User Behavior Auditor (UBA) Software provides network administrators the ability to audit the behavior of internal users to solve security challenges. In conjunction with the HP IMC Access Manager (UAM) Software, the IMC UBA Software is built to adapt to network environment changes.

Among the features especially helpful for network administrators are comprehensive log collections and audit functions which digest information from HTTP, FTP, and SMTP packets.

Greater Control Over Internal Threats Creates a More Robust Network
The HPE IMC User Behavior Auditor (UBA) Software audits internal devices and users to protect the network from security threats.

IMC UBA Software analyzes user actions to provide data such as websites visited, applications used, bandwidth consumed on a per device basis.

Analyzes a variety of logs containing information on device vendor, OS, and type, forwarded by devices on the network to better detect device threats.

Handle Uncertainty with Powerful Filtering and Probe Strategies

The HPE IMC User Behavior Auditor (UBA) Software utilizes probes to analyze incompatible network data.

Overcome uncertainty by filtering log packets and matching them against set criteria to determine anomalies to check overall network security.

HPE IMC User Behavior Software Module with 50-user E-LTU
Platform required
HPE Intelligent Management Center Enterprise Software
HPE Intelligent Management Center Standard Software
Technical Specification
Software typeElectronic Software Download (ESD)
License quantity50 license(s)
ManufacturerHewlett Packard Enterprise

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