Cooler Master Pi Case 40, PC, Black, Grey, Aluminium, Plastic, (TPU)

Cooler Master Pi Case 40, PC, Black, Grey, Aluminium, Plastic, (TPU)

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Built to Last.
,The Cooler Master Pi Case 40 provides a long lasting, premium enclosure for Raspberry Pi pro-users. The case encloses the Raspberry Pi board in a sleek aluminum shell, further protected by a high grade TPU bumper.,Once assembled, the system runs cool and totally quiet, without the need of an additional fan, even at high clock speeds thanks to the aluminum shell.,,All connections are re-routed on the sides, allowing for a better look and accessibility. The Pi Case 40's accessibility and high material quality makes it one of most reliable travel cases for Raspberry Pi users.,,
Designed for on-the-go users
,The Pi Case 40s compact dimensions allow it to be portable, while the aluminum, TPU, and plastic housing keeps it safe from impacts, minor liquid splashes, and light dust.,,
Cool-looking, Cooler-Running aluminum core
,The aluminum core of the Pi Case 40 serves as a large, passive heatsink to keep the Raspberry Pi running cool and performing at its best without requiring a loud fan. The Pi Case 40 offers an unmatched amount of surface area for its size, allowing higher GPU and CPU frequencies out of the box.,,
Reprogrammable Power Button
,The case comes included with a power button to easily power on and off the system without having to remove the power source from the Raspberry Pi. The power button is reconfigurable to any other action with a simple change in code.,,
Easy-access Ports
,All ports are quickly accessible thanks to a no-interference design. The GPIO ports are rotated 90 degrees and accessible via the side flap in the TPU bumper. A slit in the TPU bumper allows both Display and Camera cables to be routed outside the enclosure.,,
Universal Mounting
,4 VESA/wall mounting brackets come included to fix your Raspberry Pi to every surface and monitor.,,
Pi Tool
All-in-one Software Utility for Pi Case 40
,The utility allows users access to a basic set of overclocking profiles, tested and validated based on the thermal performance of Cooler Master's Pi Case 40 enclosure, monitoring of system metrics, and assignment of multiple functions to the built-in button.,,The Pi Tool can be installed on Raspberry Pi OS on a Raspberry Pi 4. Installing it is very simply: Just open a terminal, paste the following lines into it and hit return. The installer will then guide you through the installation.,,The overclocking feature included in Pi Tool modifies the following values in /boot/config.txt: over_voltage, arm_freq, gpu_freq. Users can further modify the overclocking, by editing the values themselves. (sudo nano /boot/config.txt),,Overclocking may cause system instabilities, most show up immediately with a failure to boot. If this occurs, hold down the shift key during the next boot. This will temporarily disable all overclocking, allowing you to boot successfully and then edit your settings.,,Pi Tool offers a section dedicated to monitoring the system's status and performance, useful to track thermal output and clock speed when adjusting overclocking settings and to have a quick visual representation of the system's status.,,Included metrics:,- Core Temperature,- Core Frequency,- RAM Usage,- System Load,,Pi Case 40 includes a button that shortens pin 5 and 6 when pressed (GPIO3 and GND). Out of the box, this allows us to wake up a Raspberry Pi from its halt state. Pi Tool builds upon this function by allowing users to not only assign a function to the button to be triggered when the system is running but also to set up sequences of short and long button presses, allowing additional functions to be triggered by the same button.
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DimensionsWidth: 68.2 mm, Depth: 96 mm, Height: 28.6 mm,
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