Personal Computers, PCs for short, are computers for personal usage. They always have the following components:- A processor (CPU), this is the heart of your computer, where the data processing is done.- Memory (RAM), this is very fast memory in which temporary data is stored before being processed by the processor.- Motherboard, this is the component that connects all the different parts of your computer. Often it has some integrated components like a sound card, enabling your computer to play sound, or a network card, to connect your computer to the network.- Video board, this is the part of your computer that is responsible for the graphics processing. Micro ATX motherboards often have an integrated video board. Those integrated video boards are generally not very well suited for playing games, but good enough for watching movies.- Hard disk, this is the permanent memory of your computer where your data is stored.- An optional DVD/CD player/recorder for reading/writing DVDs/CDs.
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Get ready to be spoilt for choices when it comes to the best PC workstations. With tech manufacturers ranging from Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell, Futijsu, and ASUS to Apple, Microsoft and more, we have an impressive range of PC workstations to transform your workspace into a productivity hub. Our PCs and workstations are designed for tasks that need heavy-lifting computing power. No matter what your industry is, we have a workstation for you with configuration and power suited for your business. Design, development, engineering or research, whatever department you need them for, we offer a whole range of workstation computers and mini PCs that are undeniably yours.

Mini PCs

Mini PCs take up little space on your desk while offering significant power. You can have a clutter-free workspace with your mini PC propped up on your desk or sitting behind your monitor. Low power consumption and noise level are also some added benefits. Despite their deceivingly small profile, mini PCs like Lenovo ThinkCentre M720, HP 260 G3, and Acer Veriton N N4660G are powerful tiny machines made to take on any task you throw their way.

Desktop PCs

Desktop PCs come in all shapes and sizes. From the traditional tower PC that takes most of your desk space to small factor devices that can easily be set up over or under the desk with a lot of space left for you to work smartly. Our desktop PCs are designed to propel your business to success. Offering uncompromising power and lightning-fast speed, our desktop PCs like the famous Dell OptiPlex 3070 and Lenovo V530 are available at the best prices with our business and corporate deals.


Our workstation computers are powerful enough to take the most intensive tasks and smart enough to fit on your desk assuming an unnoticeable profile. With a wide variety to choose from, your business can benefit from workstations of every size, processors and power.