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BullGuard Identity Protection for 3 PC Social Media Protection BG13 - BG1365

BullGuard Identity Protection for 3 PC Social Media Protection BG13 - BG1365

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BullGuard Identity Protection
BullGuard Identity Protection is the most reliable and trustworthy way to protect yourself from identity theft and keep your financial information safe from being exposed to hackers.

Product Information:

Special Features
It is simple to use and quick way to protect yourself from identity theft. Most of the people with their profiles on social networking websites have been a victim of identity theft or got their online financial information stolen. BullGuard Identity Protection will keep those thieves away from your private data and also with its monitoring ability you can monitor your children activities online and keep them away from inappropriate content.

24/7 Identity Theft Protection
BullGuard Identity Protection will monitor all social networking websites, dark web and all those websites where personal information is traded. Also websites where you share your financial information of debit cards and bank account number for online shopping, passwords and usernames and phone numbers will be kept safe from being stolen.
All you need to do is just list all the detail that you want to protect whether it is yours or of your family and identity protector will notify of the status via email or SMS to prevent your identity from any theft attempt.

Social Media Protection
Since the increase in cybercrime rate parents have gotten protective over kids. But you cannot keep them from socializing online. Instead put your kids profile on monitoring and BullGuard protector will flag the social activities that can pose risks. Also it will keep your children away from inappropriate media contents posted online.

Web-Based Service
It is a web-based service that is it can be access from anywhere anytime. It will keep you at safe place on social media and keep your identity from being stolen by identity thieves. Your device need to be connected to the internet for fast access to the protection.

Flexible Payments
You can have access to this advance protection technology in an affordable price. Benefit from reliable online identity protection for you and your entire family. It will fulfill all your needs, ensure you peace of mind and will not leave big dent on your wallet.


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